Watch Matt Stonie Crush FOUR In-N-Out 4x4s In 3 Minutes

Matt Stonie's competitive eating feats just keep getting more and more impressive.

In his most recent YouTube challenge, the viral eating sensation decided to level up his In-N-Out eating game by ordering a whopping FOUR 4x4 burgers. If you've never been to In-N-Out, the 4x4 is a secret menu burger consisting of 4 patties, 4 slices of cheese, plus all of the chain's regular burger fixings.


Stonie made them look like Jr. Cheeseburgers, however, as he consumed all four of these In-N-Out monstrosities, plus a drink, in just under three minutes.

I mean, at this point, we should all expect accomplishments like this from Stonie. He's taken out five Chipotle burritos in swift fashion, shredded through ten Quarter Pounders from McDonald's, and devoured over one hundred pancakes in a single setting. So this challenge is really no different from the norm for this champ of a competitive eater.

I guess we're just always amazed at his godlike eating abilities, because we can't stop watching them no matter what the challenge is.