Peyton Manning Sells All His Papa John's Locations After They Split From NFL

Aside from Papa himself, Peyton Manning was the face of Papa John's Pizza, as he swore his allegiance to them and even gave CEO John Schnatter a sweet peck on the cheek after winning the Super Bowl in 2016.

Well, it looks like maybe Manning wasn't really about that pizza life, as he reportedly sold his 31 Papa John's locations, just two days before the pizza chain split from the NFL, according to the Denver Post. In 2012, Manning went all in, acquiring 21 stores in the Denver area. Over the years, he built up enough clout to own 31 in total.

Papa John's was the official pizza of the NFL, and Manning rolled with them for six years. Papa John's gave the NFL legend a chance to show his silly, comedic side and they seemed like a match made in heaven.


However, Papa John's took a little heat after Schnatter decided to make unpopular comments about the NFL's National Anthem protests, later being personally endorsed by a neo-nazi website, and watching its stock fall in 2017.

In February, the NFL and Papa thought it best to part ways, as Pizza Hut swooped in and became the new "official" pizza of America's favorite sport.


The fact that Manning bailed before the NFL split means he probably knew it was coming. Maybe Schantter and Manning met, said their heartfelt goodbyes, and gave each other a tender kiss before parting ways.