Mac and Cheese Pancakes Might Be The Greatest Breakfast Food Ever


Pancakes have never looked this good.

Sure, there's bacon pancakes or even those boring chocolate chip studded cakes but have you ever seen a more beautiful creation than the mashup between two classic dishes coming together to become something amazing? Not like this you haven't.

Created by Misc. Kitchen these Macaroni and Cheese pancakes bring a new twist to a traditional breakfast without going too far out of the breakfast box and into the world of "wtf were you thinking". Not like a breakfast sandwich on a donut or waffle taco, now those are pretty damn weird.


Since we're already making pancakes filled with pasta why not throw some bacon in there to get a real party started?

No word on whether it's socially appropriate to top a stack of these with maple syrup, but if you're making these chances are you're gonna do whatever the hell you want with them either way. Might we suggest some Sriracha?