Little Caesars' Bacon-Wrapped Crust is the Crust to End All Crusts


Little Caesars is taking pizza crust to the next level. With Pizza Hut always putting out crazy crusts such as the Doritos-covered crust, Little Caesars probably felt it had to step it up.

Well, this bacon-wrapped deep dish pizza certainly has our attention. To be more accurate, this Deep! Deep! Dish Pizza has 3 feet of thick cut, crispy bacon wrapped around the crust. If that's not enough bacon, there are bacon bits occupying the top layer, right next to their pepperoni counterpart.

Of course, the appropriate slogan for their pizza is, "In bacon we crust."



As you can imagine, this pizza's going to do a number on your waistline as each slice has a hefty 450 calories.

The pizza will officially launch on February 23 and will be available until April.

h/t Time