Tempura Bratwurst-Stuffed 'Clogger Burger' Will Give Your Doctor Nightmares

Do y'all remember lembas bread from Lord of the Rings? The Elvish food that could fill a grown man's stomach with just one bite? This sandwich is basically the real life version of that.

I mean, this beastly Clogger from LinX in Orange, California makes me full just looking at it. It's a true behemoth of a sandwich, loaded with a fried egg, a four cheese blend, LinX's signature Honey Badger sauce, onions and jalapenos, and four different meats: three strips of bacon, chorizo mayo, spicy beef chili, and a cheddar bratwurst deep-fried in a tempura beer batter.


Just that quartet of meats alone already make this a sandwich that'll keep you going for at least a couple of days. It's also so massive and messy that the kitchen staff have to use two of their serving trays to make it 'cause the first one gets soaked in sauces and grease almost immediately.

If that's not gluttonous enough for you, engage in full Foodbeast mode by adding on the optional burger patty for an epic burger that elevates the Clogger to last-meal status. If you're gonna go all in on a meal, might as well go straight for the jugular.