How To Make A Giant Chicken Nugget At Home [WATCH]

There's something about McDonald's Chicken McNuggets that never let us stop at just one. After one box, maybe, but never just one addicting nugget.

YouTube channel HellthyJunkFood decided to hold a nugget competition between its two hosts JP and Julia, to see who could make the better giant chicken product.


JP, inspired by McDonald's famous McNugget decided to stuff his with a few regular-sized chicken nuggets. Julia, on the other hand, drew inspiration from Wendy's nuggets and based her entry on their version.

The two Vloggers took to the kitchen to see who would come up with the best product.

Check out the video to see who took home bragging rights. If you're looking to create a giant chicken nugget for yourself, just make sure to have plenty of dipping sauce on hand to complete the experience.