Watch This Guy Set The World Record For Most McNuggets Eaten

Competitive eater, Nadder "FreakEating" Reda, made history once again on September 2, as he claimed the world record for eating the most McDonald's Chicken McNuggets — ever.

Originally set to eat 200 McNuggets, Freak Eating obliterated the previous record, set at 155 by FoodMeetsBeard, establishing the new mark to beat at 170 McNuggets.


The event was broadcasted live, via FOODBEAST Facebook Livestream, where an audience of live viewers cheered him on. Freak Eating plowed through the first 100 hundred McNuggets with ease. However, as he approached the record, his bites became staggered and his face began to show signs of exhaustion and discomfort.

After he broke the 155 mark, FreakEating kept going. Some live stream viewers were even writing that they would give up smoking, if he reached 160 McNuggets.


FreakEating did not disappoint, and pushed his way to 170 McNuggets.

This isn't the first record FreakEating has under his belt. Recently, he attempted to set the record for eating a 50 x 50 In-N-Out Burger at the FOODBEAST offices in Santa Ana, CA.

Although he didn't finish all 50, Freak Eating set the mark at 40 x 40, beating the previous record of 38 x 38, set by competitive eater Matt "Megatoad" Stonie.