Knott’s Berry Farm’s Famous Boysenberry Festival Menu Is Bigger And Better Than Ever

Knott’s is the farm that boysenberries built, so when its annual Boysenberry Festival comes back around, we know that fans will be treated to some of the most unique and delicious eats centered on the one-of-a-kind fruit. A brand new menu is here, featuring Foodbeast-worthy dishes that are sure to wow and entice.

With an exclusive Boysenberry Festival Tasting Card, folks can treat themselves to the boundless creativity Knott’s Berry Farm has unlocked from the boysenberry. The following dishes fit that bill and are so incredible that we’re hyped to put you on to them. But beyond these highlights, make sure to get your fill on the rest of the Boysenberry Festival’s vast and tasty menu.

Meatball Pizza

This is the meatball pizza that other meatball pizza’s aspire to be. The size and heft of the meatballs crowning this slice would make boulders jealous.

Pancake Burger


The pancakes that serve as the buns to this juicy wonder prove that breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day, it’s also the most versatile. Since burger buns also play a role in making up a superior burger, then this Pancake Burger is sure to sit comfortably in the top tier.

Pickle Pizza

Pickle lovers, you should sit down for this. Because one look at this pickle-laden pie and you’ll already be in perfect position to enjoy multiple slices. Pizza could always use a hit of tangy goodness and this Pickle Pizza is the answer to that need.

Double Stuffed Potato


Trust, you need a mouthful of this plateful of culinary generosity. This Double Stuffed Potato is the very definition of loaded, featuring heaps of Knott’s Berry Farm delights like Mrs. Knott’s world famous fried chicken.

Waffle Fry Burger

This, friends, is peak burger ingenuity. Picture yourself chomping through the crisp waffle fry buns right into the luscious makings of this cheeseburger and I guarantee you’ll stagger at the mouth watering vision.

Donut Funnel Cake

This hefty dessert looks more like a crown of deliciousness that’s ready to be worn atop your tastebuds. Indulgence knows no bounds with this Donut Funnel Cake, but it’s always fun to test such limits.



Let your cravings take a load off and rest on the pillowy delights that these beignets are. One bite and you’ll see why they can be described as warm fuzzy feelings in dessert form.

Buffalo Mac n Cheese

Mac ‘n Cheese is already in the upper echelon of comfort food, so any efforts to elevate it are always welcome. What Knott’s did was introduce the undefeated kick and zing of buffalo chicken to this cheesy situation, creating a dish that treats fans to heaps of cozy and is lavish in comfort.

Knott’s Berry Farm dresses up as a boysenberry wonderland from March 10 through April 16, and every Friday, Saturday and Sunday April 21 to 23, April 28 to 30 and May 5 to 7, so be sure to take advantage of all the treats that the park’s renowned Boysenberry Festival has to offer.