This Kitty Litter Cake Sh*** On All Other Halloween Cakes


If you're thinking of the perfect recipe that will make you super popular at your Halloween potluck, here's a shitty idea.

The Noble Pig blog has a clever kitty litter cake recipe that will gross out, but still intrigue those who place their lips on the chocolatey treat.

The ingredients include German chocolate cake mix, white cake mix, instant vanilla pudding mix, vanilla sandwich cookies and tootsie rolls.

The Tootsie Rolls are the secret ingredient that give the cake that crappy feel, while crumbling the german and white cake gives a sandbox feel.


Of course, for the sake of accuracy, you'll want an actual kitty litter box to put the cake in. I'm hoping it's a given that it shouldn't be a used litter box. Go all out with a brand new one.

Granted, this would be the most unbearable litter box, filled with enough pieces of fecal matter to make you want to punt your cat off a bridge, it does sound kind of tasty.

For the full recipe, check out The Noble Pig blog.