KFC Shut Down 750 Locations In The UK Due To Severe Chicken Shortage

Sad news for fried chicken fans in the United Kingdom as Kentucky Fried Chicken announced the closure of 750 restaurants due to a lack of chicken. Put those calendars down, it's not April 1st quite yet.

Business Insider reports that after a change in distributors resulted in a shortage of chicken for KFC, more than 80 percent of Kentucky Fried Chicken locations in Britain were forced to shut down.


Last week, the fried chicken chain changed their chicken deliverers from a company called Bidvest Group to DHL. Unfortunately, due to DHL's one distribution depot (versus Bidvests' multiple locations), they were unprepared to handle hundreds of orders across the country.

Of KFC's 900 UK locations, 750 of them have closed.

Hopefully, the closures aren't permanent. KFC has made an official statement claiming they're currently "working on it." Here's what they tweeted to their hungry patrons.


The only unknown is how long it will take for them to solve this delivery problem.

Until they round up enough chickens to deep fry, KFC has posted a list of operating UK locations for fans licking their fingers hungry for the Colonel's original recipe.

Meanwhile, in the US...