KFC Donates to GoFundMe for Woman Who Returned $500 Found with Her Chicken Sandwich Order

Yesterday we reported the commendable story of good Samaritan Joann Oliver, who happened upon $543.10 cash in her KFC order yet decided to alert the local authorities. 


While it was admirable of Oliver, the saddest takeaway was about her family’s hardships. Oliver revealed that her husband is fighting cancer and they owe $2 million in medical bills. In other words, they could’ve definitely used the money. 

Photo: GoFundMe


With that seemingly being the end of the story, it felt unfair that she only received a couple free meals in return.

I guess someone at KFC felt the same because a GoFundMe was launched yesterday on behalf of Oliver and the fast food giant did a respectable thing by donating $5,430 dollars. They also took the extra step of sharing the GoFundMe on their Facebook account to help raise further awareness.

I guess it's true that if you do good, then good will come to you.