KFC Serving Up New Kentucky Fried Chicken Wraps

Remember KFC's Twister Wraps back in the day? They were a menu favorite, but haven't been back since 2014. The Colonel's newest item, however, puts a delicious remix on that.

Introducing Kentucky Fried Chicken Wraps, the latest item that will come in the following three options, starting at only $3 each:


  • Classic Chicken Wrap: A hand-breaded Extra Crispy Tender, crunchy pickles, and creamy mayo, wrapped up in a warm tortilla. 
  • Mac & Cheese Chicken Wrap: Tops an Extra Crispy Tender with KFC’s cheddar mac & cheese and is then sprinkled with a three-cheese blend.
  • Spicy Slaw Chicken Wrap: An Extra Crispy Tender covered in a mix of KFC coleslaw, spicy sauce and crispy pickles.

Lucky KFC fans in Atlanta and the surrounding areas will get a first taste, as the new Kentucky Fried Chicken Wraps are only available in-store at KFC locations there.