Keith Lee And Pizza Hut Collab On A Limited Edition Pizza

Photo: Pizza Hut

You're probably familiar with Keith Lee and may even follow him on social media. However, in November 2023, he truly made an impact by giving the internet a candid glimpse into Atlanta's dining scene, offering a less-than-flattering review.


Since then, Pizza Hut and Keith Lee have been cooking up something we didn't know we kneaded. Introducing the FamiLEE Community Pizza, a pizza pie crafted by Lee featuring his family's favorite toppings: pepperoni and bacon on hand-tossed crust.

If you're wondering why the two are partnering, it's almost the most perfect fit. Lee has always prioritized his roots and community, and as part of this partnership, Pizza Hut and Keith Lee will be donating $50,000 to Southfield ANT and OakHills High School, where Keith and his wife Ronni attended high school.


This school was selected to highlight Lee's commitment to education and community service. It also evokes memories of grade school — who remembers when the class that read the most books would win a pizza party?

The duo is also meeting families in the middle with affordability, giving pizza lovers toppings and the crust of their choice within the $12ANY promotion. And in case you missed it, this deal provides any large pizza with up to 10 toppings for a mere $12.

The FamiLEE Community Pizza, available nationwide for a limited time, can be ordered in-store or through the Pizza Hut app on