This Drone Is Designed To Follow You Around With Beef Jerky

In 2014, TGI Fridays had a cute Christmas promotion that involved a drone flying around the restaurant, holding a mistletoe so guests can laugh, kiss, and be merry. That shit ended up bloody and dangerous, but drones have come a long way since that disaster.

Now we're at a point where a drone can follow you around the house, conveniently holding food for you to eat.

Enter the JerkyBot, which was made by drone developer Andy Shen in a collab with Chef's Cut Real Jerky. Shen created the bot so that it senses you and stays within arms reach, that way you can conveniently grab some jerky wherever you go.


As an illustration, almost-retired baseball player David Ortiz tested out the JerkyBot. Sure, Ortiz isn't the best actor, and his lines sound forced, but once you get over that, it's pretty funny watching him do everyday chores while having access to beef jerky right beside him.

The JerkyBot site has a section for updates and news, hopefully meaning this thing could actually go to market, and we can have our snacks follow us around.

Is this really the future of on-the-go snacking? Probably not, but we can dream about a day where we go Pokemon GO hunting without having to worry about where to put my burrito as I catch a Pikachu.