In An Ironic Twist, Jared Fogle Is Now Making Sandwiches In Prison

Jared Million

It has finally come full-circle for Jared Fogle. Just when you thought the former Subway spokesman was out of the sandwich game for good, reports say he is now making sandwiches for stone-cold killers.

According to TMZ, the child porn-wielding inmate has been put on sandwich duty at Federal Correctional Institution Englewood, in Colorodo.


As if the inmates didn't hate him enough, they feel Fogle's getting celebrity treatment. Fogle was originally serving sandwiches in the inmate cafeteria, but was later moved to the correctional officers' cafeteria, which is apparently seen as a promotion in the prisoners' eyes.

TMZ must have reporters on the inside, because in a series of unfortunate events, we learned that Jared was already getting fat, that Fogle got his ass beat by a 60-year-old inmate, now this, all within four months of his 15-year sentence.

Whether it's the inmate cafeteria, or the officers' cafeteria, just be glad he's not serving at a juvenile cafeteria.