Jack Links Is Offering 'Tender Meat' Care Packages To Men Getting Vasectomies

Photo: Jack Links

This vasectomy season, Jack Links is offering a helping hand in the recovery process for those brave men who undergo the procedue procedure. Since March 6, Jack Links has been giving away "Tender Meat for Tender Meat" post-vasectomy care packages including multiple types of tender beef jerky, ice packs, socks, and a tender meat blanket.


So what the hell is vasectomy season, anyway? According to Urology Clinics of North Texas, vasectomies take a few days of rest and recovery before men can bounce back to normal. Since March Madness lasts a few weeks, men see it as the perfect excuse to get the snip and hang out for a few days in front of the TV watching college basketball.

"It takes a lot of balls to get snipped and we know tournament season is a good time to kickback and recover," says Tracy Fleischhacker Quigley, Senior Brand Director. "Our tender meat snacks will help take the mind off of the recovery so guys can focus on the thrill of the games and enjoy their favorite Jack Link’s protein snacks.”

The entire package includes:


  • Various types of tender meat jerky products
  • A tender meat ice pack
  • A tender meat blanket
  • A squishy toy basketball (aka a ball that still works...)
  • A pair of Sasquatch socks
  • "An Ode to Your Load," a love letter to your recovering man parts

Truthfully, I had no clue there was an entire season dedicated to vasectomies but thanks for making the ballsy move to help our fallen buddies, Jack Links.