13 Insanely Mouthwatering Jack In The Box Menu Hacks

Jack in the Box has a pretty expansive menu. Between breakfast, lunch and late-night menus, the only problem one might have is deciding which route to take when ordering.

When we eat at Jack in the Box, however, we have a few go-to menu hacks that we definitely enjoy. Combining the best elements of different menu items, we Frankenstein'd some of our favorite Jack foods that you definitely won't find on the menu.

Check em out!


Mini Pancake Jalapeno Popper Sandwiches


Sweet. Spicy. Savory. Take two pieces of mini pancakes and sandwich them between a jalapeño popper. Dip it into some maple syrup for the full effect.

Cheesecake Affogato


Since Jack in the Box doesn't carry ice cream, we had to make due with the next best thing. We grabbed some New  York Cheesecake and threw a chunk into the hot coffee. Once it dissolves, you have a cheesecake-flavored coffee.

Spicy Chicken Biscuit



Order a plain biscuit and stuff it with a chicken patty. If your Jack in the Box is currently serving spicy chicken sandwiches, order the spicy patties. If they're serving ghost pepper sauce, even better. Jalapeños definitely don't hurt.

Western Taco


Grab 2 for $1 tacos and stuff them with onion rings. Slater some BBQ sauce in between and you have yourselves a make-shift Tex Mex meal.

Super Bacon Cheeseburger


Order a regular Jack Cheeseburger. Add bacon. Then more. OK, a little more.

Jalapeno Popper Nachos


A simple order of Jalapeño Poppers topped with melted cheese and more jalapeños. If you really want to go nuts, get a few cheap tacos and scoop the fillings on top.


Maple Bacon Cheesecake


An order of New York Cheesecake topped with crumpled pieces of bacon and a drizzle of maple syrup. Sweet and slightly salty.

Monkeystyle Sourdough Jack


A while back, we investigated rumors of In-N-Out serving a burger with Animal Style Fries stuffed inside. Turns out you can make something similar at Jack with cheese, sauce and french fries.

Mix-n-match Flavored Chicken Nuggets


Grab a bunch of sauces with your order of chicken nuggets and drench them in it. Soon, you'll feel like you're eating boneless wings. If you really want to be bold, mix all the sauces together first and then cover your chicken. Recommended with ranch.

Cheesecake Cookie Sandwich



Spoon a chunk of New York Cheesecake in between two mini cookies. Sweet and simple.

Loaded Taco Breakfast Sandwich


Definitely not for the faint of heart. No, really. A Loaded Breakfast sandwich combined with the contents of a Monster Taco. We recommend you drench this thing in hot sauce.

Churro Pancake Platter


A platter of mini pancakes topped with chunks of mini-churros. Drench everything in maple syrup and wait as the sugar rushes through your body.

Spicy Cookie Sandwich


Because why not?


Photos by Peter Pham