Jack In The Box's New Buttery Jack Has THREE Different Kinds Of Onions


When Jack in the Box first launched their Buttery Jack burgers, we were pretty on the fence with how a butter-soaked fast food sandwich would taste. Turns out, they weren't bad at all. Now, Jack in the Box has released their newest Buttery Jack variant: the Cheddar Onion Buttery Jack.

The burger features a 1/4 lb beef patty (how much it weighs before it's cooked) topped with the signature melted garlic herb butter. The burger is then loaded with Cheddar cheese slices, crispy onions, grilled onions and a caramelized onion aioli. It's served on a gourmet bun.


Jack's line of Buttery Jack sandwiches so far include the Classic Buttery Jack and the Bacon and Swiss.

While the new burger itself is about $5, you can get a $1 off coupon here.