This Guy Baked His iPad Into A Cookie And Dropped From 100-Feet Up [WATCH]


There's no end to an iPad's versatility, but it's not every day that you see it used as a baking ingredient.

Brandon from the YouTube channel GizmoSlip is known for dropping phones and testing their durability, but this time, he incorporated his baking skills as well. Brandon literally baked his iPad into a cookie "case" and dropped it from 100 feet high, to see if it could withstand it all.

Somehow, the iPad still turned on after being in the oven through the duration of the baking process, but when he dropped the iPad from the top of a parking structure, the screen completely shattered, proving that cookies make for terrible cases.


It's still pretty cool that it survived the oven, though. If you ever, like, drop it in lava, it might still have a chance of survival. Probably not.

Anyway, watch the video below and check out the iPad's eventual demise: