Introducing the World's Spiciest Coffee

Sure, coffee offers a nice boost in the morning to help you wake up. If you like your coffee a little stronger, then that boost turns into a jolt. But what if the strongest coffee still can't do the heavy lifting of raising your spirits? Then it's time to turn to some spice for an extra kick to your senses.


In comes Roasty Buds, a new coffee brand that claims to be the world's spiciest coffee. So if the regular cup of joe isn't hitting, then Roasty Buds is here to channel the power of Carolina Reapers to awaken your everything.

Roasty Buds was made possible by Bandolier Media, a full-service social media agency and video production company based in Austin, Texas. What started out as a one-off stunt to shoot content based on people reacting to trying spicy coffee turned into the notion that spicy coffee should definitely be a thing.

The Roasty Buds coffee offers a number of options: Classic Colombian, Kinda Spicy made with Hatch Chile peppers, Xtra Spicy made with Ghost Pepper, XXXtra Insane Spicy made with the infamous Carolina Reaper and Pumpkin Spiciest, perfect for the autumn season.

Spice lovers can get their Roasty Buds fix here.