In-N-Out Burger Opened A Restaurant In Australia And Sh*t Got Crazy


Australia just got a taste of our beloved In-N-Out Burger this week and they're hooked. A pop-up In-N-Out recently opened in Sydney and folks lined up for hours to get their hands on a Double Double and.

Grubstreet reports that a bar, Dead Ringer, was set to sell them beginning at noon until 4pm. However, excited patrons began to line up as early as 6am to try the fast food burger. While 300 to 400 burgers might seem like a lot, they sold out half an hour before the event even began.


It seems the line wrapped around for three blocks from the pop-up's location, reports say. The only ones lucky enough to get their hands on an In-N-Out item were those sporting nifty blue wristbands. Those wristbands ran out around 11:30am.

Hopefully another In-N-Out pop-up pops up in the country again sometime soon.

Kind of makes us appreciating having an In-N-Out Burger so close to the office.