In-N-Out Just Released SIX New Clothing Items And We Want Them All


When you walk into In-N-Out, there's usually a forgettable display on the wall, showing off their classic souvenir t-shirts that only change slightly year after year, but their new clothing actually has some items worth taking a look at.

Along with the usual screen tee, they've added calf-high socks and a pretty sweet black pocket tee, both featuring the red palm tree design associated with their drink cup.


They've also added a red-sleeved baseball tee to the 2016 mix, which doesn't look too shabby either.



They might not be Sean John quality, or whatever the kids are wearing these days, but as far as restaurant-based clothing, it's actually more palatable than the McDonald's Big Mac Boots.

In-N-Out lovers can now rock some stylish new threads while munching on a Monkey Style burger and cheese fries.