A Complete Look At McDonald's First Official Clothing Line


This McDonald's clothing line goes beyond the typical souvenir shirt you can find at In-N-Out, or The Hat. McDonald's Sweden has gone head-to-toe with a full line of Big Mac-based apparel.

It's legit and you can actually buy this stuff on the online Big Mac Shop.


They have a Big Mac rain coat, so you can look like a moron in the rain.



And the rain boots to match.



Don't forget your big Mac thermals, so everyone can stare at your buns while you run.




We wouldn't want the pooch to feel left out in all the McDonald's trendiness.


Apparently this is part of a McDonald's global AD thing called #imlovinit24, where 24 cities are doing very PR things, like a bus tour with Jessie J in London, England and a "Joy Maze" in Bucharest, Romania.

Might be cheesy, but at least they're having fun with it.

h/t Ad Week