Watching Ice Cream Rolls Being Made Is Totally Relaxing [ASMR]

If you're looking for a way to relax yourself after a long, busy day, this video can definitely help you out.

Super Deluxe teamed up with Chelo Creamery to develop this ASMR video, which is a soothing three-minute-long montage of a variety of ice cream rolls being made.

If you don't know ASMR, it's basically videos that just have sounds of various different actions that people find relaxing, from eating food to waves crashing on a shore. This particular ice cream ASMR video has been going around as an ad on YouTube and has already generated over 3 million views in the past month.


It's also a great resource if you've never seen this trendy dessert being made from start to finish before, so you can watch it if you're looking for that, as well.

Super Deluxe's video is completely mesmerizing between all of the sounds and just watching the ice cream being made. I watched it a few times nonstop before finally getting to writing this article.

This video, a glass or two of wine, and a hot tub are the perfect relaxing way to end any day.

And maybe finish that off with some ice cream rolls for dessert.