How to Turn Your Oreo Into a Fancy Appetizer in Under 5 Seconds

Last week, we showed you how to turn your standard Big Mac into a, ahem, gourmet "McCube." Today, we're breaking down the Oreo and taking this classic cookies and creme combo to the next level.

This latest gourmet hack requires nothing but the Oreo itself. Simply twist apart the Oreo in order to separate the cookie from the creme and place the other half creme-side up on a small plate. Next, crush the cookie-half to crumbles, then swoop them up and sprinkle them on top of the creme-side cookie on the plate.

Check out the visual breakdown below:

You'll need:

 A pack of Oreos (the more, the merrier!)




1. Carefully twist the Oreo apart.

(Fun Fact: 50% of Oreo eaters pull apart their cookies before eating them)



2. Crush the cookie part into tiny pieces.


3. Sprinkle crumbles on to of the creme-side and serve up these Oreo Hors d'oeurves you fancy pants.