How To Make Bloomin' Onion Bites [WATCH]

Get your grubbing, disgusting fingers out of my food!

Sharing is caring right? Right. But not when you lick your fingers sucking back pieces of fried onion while going in for another helping without wiping them dry. Thats just straight disrespect and flat out disgusting.


That said, I was inspired to make personal bites that would refrain from this ever happening to you again. I present you with Bloomin' Onion Bites. All the fun of eating fried onions without the bacteria backlash of your dumb ass friend who can't comprehend the meaning of NO DOUBLE DIPPING.

They're easy, they're delicious, and they're yours. Using any sort of mini onion you can find (red, white, yellow i'm not racist towards onions) a bath of seasoned flour and a pot of hot oil and you're set. Use a tart mayo ketchup-based dipping sauce and the only thing that will be left over after eating these is a desire for more.