'Hot Ones' Now Has Its Own Vodka, And Of Course, It's Spicy

Photo: New Amsterdam

Sean Evans and his hit show "Hot Ones" continue to expand their empire, with their latest venture now hitting back bars.

First We Feast’s spicy wing series has teamed with New Amsterdam Vodka to create Heat Check, a hot pepper-flavored vodka.


New Amsterdam connected with Evans as an expert in all things spice and the perfect partner to help create Heat Check. Offering a blend of hot pepper flavors, from Serrano and Fresno to Habanero, Heat Check delivers a fiery 70 proof spirit.

“At Spirit of Gallo, we believe in crafting innovative spirits that not only taste great, but also spark cultural conversations,” said Brandon Lieb, VP of Spirits at Gallo. “Heat Check invites drinkers to embrace the thrill of bold flavor, all with the stamp of approval from the discerning masters of spice in Sean Evans and the Hot Ones brand.”

Heat Check can be used both to spice up classic cocktails like a Bloody Mary or Martini.

The new limited-edition Heat Check Vodka is available now for $10.99.