Heinz's Mayochup Finally Hits Grocery Stores In The USA This Month

A few months ago, Heinz left it up to their followers to decide whether their popular condiment Mayochup was worthy of a spot on US shelves. After drumming up enough support, they're finally ready to release it into grocery stores.

mayochupPhoto courtesy of Heinz


By the end of September, major retailers nationwide, including Walmart, will have squeeze bottles containing just over a pound of the condiment each on shelves. Each comes at a suggested retail price of $3.49, although final price is up to the store.

Of course, Mayochup isn't anything new. The blend of ketchup and mayo takes on many names depending on where you live, including fry sauce or fancy sauce. Heinz adds a mixture of spices into their version on top of the two condiments, but the taste should still ring familiar for those who are fans of this long-standing sauce.