This New Heineken Sneaker Collab is Literally Like Walking on Beer

Beer giant Heineken has teamed with custom sneaker wiz The Shoe Surgeon to brew up a special collaboration.


The clever collaboration is named the "Heinekicks," inspired by the popular beer's branding. Using Heinekens iconic green, red, and white colorway, TSS manages to sidestep Christmas vibes territory, delivering quality craftsmanship that can be worn year-round.


Carefully complex in design, the true inventiveness doesn't end there as the sneakers feature actual Heineken Silver in its soles. The beer was added using a "specialized surgical method," ensuring a spill-free stroll. To cap things off, the tongue has a built-in bottle opener.

TSS added the intoxicating features after reading the brief, which included the phrase "Walking On Beer."

Available in a super limited-run of 32 pairs, only a handful of lucky sneakerheads will get the opportunity to live lager than life.

While securing a pair is unlikely, you can view them on display at the Limited Edition Vault at 313@Somerset in Singapore starting August 13th.