Häagen-Dazs Innovates With New Butter Cookie Cone

Photo: Häagen-Dazs

Ice cream is a top-tier treat, but the problem with having it with a cone is that the cone is often left as an afterthought, with little to showcase more of it beyond just being a vessel.


But it looks like Häagen-Dazs has cracked the code on the ho-hum cone by debuting new Butter Cookie Cones.

With this new frozen treat, the cone is made from a rich butter cookie and is lined with luscious chocolate, which comes with the following ice cream favors: Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate and Coffee. The fact that each cone is crowned with cookie pieces, decadent sauce and chocolate curls amplifies the treat yourself vibes.

The new Häagen-Dazs Butter Cookie Cone will be available at select retailers with full, national distribution expected by April 2023.