Guy Pledges to Eat Olive Garden's Never-Ending Pasta Every Day


In early September, Olive Garden sold a limited number of Never Ending Pasta Passes. One of the lucky 1,000 pass owners has vowed to use his pass every day until the promotion is over. From September 22 to November 9, he will be documenting his carb-loaded conquest on his All Of Garden blog.

He goes by the name of "Vino" and seven days in, he has lived up to his promise, logging in his meals and even rating the dishes out of five stars. He has been working on at least three pasta dishes a day and has more than covered the $100 investment he made in the pasta pass.


As he documents his meals, Vino has been renaming the dishes, giving them his own personal touch. On September 25, he had the misfortune of having to eat alone, and he woefully named the dishes he ate that night, "Despair," "Solitaire," and "Regret," ironically, all things that are felt pretty much any time you eat at Olive Garden.