New Portable Gluten Scanner Lets You Inspect Your Food Anywhere

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It can't be easy having to dissect all your food, bugging every server, friend and relative, all in an effort to, like, not die.

That's more or less what people with gluten sensitivities have to go through, but things might get a little easier with a new device that works as a portable food tester.

The device is called "Nima" and works by scanning a sample of your food for 2 minutes and determining if it's gluten-free, or not.


That means if you question the gluten-free pizza at your local pizzeria, with a smile on its face, this little tool can ease your mind and tell you just how gluten-filled it is.

If your food doesn't pass the test and doesn't meet the FDA's gluten-free standard, the Nima will light up with a frowny face.

It's that easy.

Shireen Yates and Scott Sundvor are the ones pushing the gluten scanner through 6Sensor Labs and they're planning a release in mid-2016, according to Upworthy.


They're not stopping with gluten though. 6 Sensor Labs is working on Nima devices that can scan for other allergies such as peanut and dairy, hoping to debut them in 2017.

That means in a couple of years, you might be seeing these little guys scanning food all over the place, relieving stress from allergy-plagued eaters.

If you think this device is the answer to all your gluten-free problems, as of this writing, the pre-orders are going for $199.