Eat Breakfast With Giraffes At This Unique Hotel


While restaurants in the US are constantly fighting to revolutionize breakfast with trendy foods such as Biscuit Tacos, and Cronuts, this Kenyan hotel just took the top spot for dopest breakfast concept.

Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya has a fine dining room that is intentionally designed to allow adorable giraffes to stick their heads through the windows, putting them in position to join you for breakfast.

Giraffe Manor is a 12-acre giraffe-themed boutique hotel, and the main attractions are its beautiful Rothschild giraffes that hang around the building during the mornings and evenings.


They also have a pretty kick-ass tea party set up outside, where you can enjoy the company of the giraffes while sippin on your brew. The breakfast is the main attraction, though, as the gorgeous gentle giants look you in the face while you get your morning started.

I don't remember a lot of my breakfasts, but if I have a giraffe chillin' with me while I drink my orange juice, I'm definitely not forgetting that.

The rooms start at $550 per person, but seriously, just take all my money.