How To Make A Giant Cake-Sized Pop Tart

Forget everything you thought you knew about your regular, puny Pop Tarts and get on board with these Hulk-sized versions.

Fitness blogger Blake Horton, aka @blake_201, made a couple of giant Pop-Tarts, and documented his process through this almost unbelievable video.


Using, of all things, Pillsbury PIZZA crust as the foundation, Blake rolled two crusts over a couple of baking pans and got to work.

He spread a whole container of Just Great Stuff Organic Powdered Chocolate Peanut Butter over the crust, then topped them with 1 pound of strawberries on each Pop-Tart.

Next, he laid down a pizza crust dome to complete the doughiness of the pastry, then stuck it in the oven at 425 degrees, just keeping an eye on it until the crust was golden brown.


After it was done baking, he spread some cream cheese over the top, giving it the classic Pop-Tart frosted look, and finished it off with some sprinkles.

The two Pop-Tarts, plus some light almond milk, totaled 5,115 calories.

Blake is no joke when it comes to his epic meal times, he only eats once a day and makes it count, as evident by these gargantuan Pop Tarts. He makes sure that each of his insane looking daily meals meet his nutritional requirement of calories, carbs, and protein. Horton then works out like crazy to keep his shredded physique.


I wish I could eat huge ass Pop Tarts and look that fit, but for now I'll just be happy that a regular package doesn't cause me to breathe heavily, and call it a moral victory.