From McChicken to McSpicy: McDonalds Singapore Offers Sizzling Chicken Sandwiches


McDonalds Singapore is launching their Spicy Challenge once again with the introduction of three brand new sandwiches to the fiery lineup. The new menu items range in levels of heat from Sizzling Citrus, which is essentially a McChicken topped with a green chili lime sauce, to Level 4 which is so hot that it hasn't even been announced yet.

Level 2, the McSpicy, features a fried chicken thigh filet breaded with a "unique blend of sizzling spices" while Level 3 aka the Flaming Green Curry boasts a curry made of lemongrass and coconut slathered on a green curry chicken patty. Not gonna lie, that sounds all kinds of curry-licious. Especially if we can get some of that sauce on the side for our fries.


The mystery Level 4 burger is depicted as a sandwich covered in flames and comes with a caution attached to it. Though McDonalds is baiting customers by challenging their spicy integrity we seriously doubt the burger will be too hot for the average spice lover to handle.

H/T + PicThx Brand Eating