This Is Exactly How Much Coffee The Cast Of FRIENDS Drank in 10 Seasons

Sometimes we have to thank people with too much time on their hands, because they often provide us with information we didn't know we needed.

The perfect example are these charts made by Twitter user Kit Lovelace, which show the exact amount of coffee the cast of Friends drank throughout their 10 seasons of being the funniest show ever.

Lovelace said he watched every single one of the 236 episodes and counted every time one of the six main characters poured, purchased, or drank a cup of coffee.


Of course, a good deal of the crew's time was spent at the good ol' Central Perk Cafe, but Lovelace made sure to keep a careful eye on non-Central Perk scenes.

Right off the bat, we learn that the ever-quirky Phoebe Buffay tops the leader board with 227 cups of coffee. Right behind her was Ms. Chanandler Bong, I mean, Chandler Bing, with 212 cups.


This may or may not be surprising, but in last place was Rachel Green with only 138 cups. For someone who worked at Central Perk, you'd think she'd have poured more coffee, but then again, she was always a terrible waitress.

Going even deeper into this research, he broke down the coffee stats by season, to see how drastically their habits changed over the years. With that chart, it looks like Rachel didn't drink much coffee through the first two seasons, which is probably why she fell so far behind everyone else, while Monica and Chandler had a crazy spike in season five. That was the season where the two started dating, so maybe that had something to do with the sudden influx of caffeine.


Going even deeper than any human ever could on this subject, Lovelace estimated how much the six friends spent on coffee, averaging each cup at $1.50 a cup, and assuming they're decent tippers, they spent a total of $2,077.20 on coffee over the 10 seasons.

If you aren't stoked about this information, I'm sorry, but for hardcore Friends fans, this is everything.