French Fry Frozen Yogurt Is A Real Thing Now

Photo: 16 Handles

The national frozen dessert brand, 16 Handles, has cut out the middleman for those who like dipping their French fries into soft serve by creating a French fry soft serve flavor.


Sweet and salty is an undefeated combo, so thinking about the new flavor being like salty fries coupled with the sweetness of froyo is intriguing.

To add some excitement around this launch, 16 Handles has decided to throw some shade at McDonald's, calling out how its ice cream machines are always out of order. Red and yellow billboards dotted throughout New York City promoting the new flavor are boasting playful taglines like, "Sorry, our French fry machine is down," and "I'm handlin' it."

The French Fry Frozen Yogurt flavor has debuted at all the brand’s 30+ locations nationwide and will be available for a limited time only until mid-July.