Foodbeast's Must Try Eats At Disney’s Food and Wine Festival

Disney recently launched its annual Food & Wine festival at its California Adventures park. As the name suggests, the event hosts a wide selection of food, beer, and wine, along with the opportunity to see your favorite celebrity chef up close and personal.

Between March 3 to April 25, attendees can try delicious samples, while picking up new cooking tips from food demonstrations, tasting seminars, and signature events. There’s a total of 12 festival marketplace booths, each showcasing California-grown products.

A Food & Wine Fest Sip and Savor pass lets you purchase prepaid cards that include eight tabs for individual food and beverage items. Last year, the passes cost $57 with a $5 discount for Magic Key annual passholders. 

To get your stomach excited, below is a lineup of Foodbeast-approved must haves at this year’s Food & Wine festival. 

Blueberry Pancake Cold Brew

  • Mexico Origin Coffee, brown butter, maple and demerara syrup and oat milk with a blueberry sweet cream made with cream, oat milk, vanilla syrup and puree garnished with cinnamon-flavored cereal crumble (non-alcoholic). Located at Berry Patch.

Cubano Slider


  • Slow-roasted, mustard-crusted pork and sliced smoked ham with melted Swiss cheese and pickle served on a Hawaiian roll. Located at D-Lish.

Elote Paleta

  • Sweet corn paleta with parm crema, chile-lime seasoning, corn crunch and cilantro. Located at Golden Dreams.

Torta de Chilaquiles

  • Torta de Chilaquiles: Fresh-made Telera bread with green chilaquiles, chorizo beans, chipotle crema, pickled onions, cilantro and avocado spread. Located at Paradise Garden Grill and Cappuccino Cart.


Bulgogi Fried Rice

  • Kimchi, egg, pickled cucumbers, green onions and sesame seeds. Located at Paradise Garden Grill and Cappuccino Cart.

Buffalo Mac and Cheese

  • Mac and Cheese topped with roasted buffalo cauliflower, ranch and a carrot and celery salad. Located at Paradise Garden Grill.

Strawberry Horchata


  • House-made rice and cinnamon beverage with strawberry sauce (Available with Spiced Rum). Located at Cocina Cucamonga.

Lika a Lemon-Raspberry Pie Churro

  • Raspberry-flavored spiral churro topped with a lemon and marshmallow glaze and pie crust crumbles. Located at Terran Treats.

Pineapple-Coconut Churro

  • Pineapple-coconut Churro with pineapple sugar, pineapple topping, coconut cream icing and toasted coconut (Buena Vista Street). Located at Churro Carts.