Famed Naples Pizza Maker Sparks Outrage In Italy With Pineapple Topping

Photo: Gino Sorbillo

Nothing like a national debate going global to gain even more divided traction. It's simple, pineapple on pizza or not? This is the latest debate to have not only the United State divided, but now, also Italy!


It all started when Gino Sorbillo, a famed pizza maker in Italy, announced on social media the debatable choice of adding pineapples to his menu in Naples. Interestingly, before the uproar, Sorbillo had discreetly added the pineapple pizza on the menu — and folks ordered it without hesitation.

This pineapple pizza isn't your ordinary Domino's pineapple pizza. In fact, it's super authentic and baked to perfection. Dubbed, "Margherita con Ananas," this unique pizza features a white sauce base that's generously layered with a minimum of three cheese varieties. It's then oven-baked with large pineapple slices, cooked twice to achieve a delightful caramelized flavor.


The pineapple is also pre-baked in the oven and then cooled, as reported by CNN. Sorbillo enhances the flavor of the pineapple with the addition of smoked provola (a local cow milk cheese from Campania), extra virgin olive oil, and fresh basil.

If this level of detail and effort doesn't call for the end of the debate of pineapple on pizza, we don't know what does. The uproar from Italians got so overwhelming that the debate of Sorbillo's pizza even made it to an Italian broadcast noting negative commentary like, 'Now see if you can do a ketchup one'.