Eric Clapton Got Drunk And Challenged George Harrison To A Guitar Duel

It's so satisfying when new information comes out about our favorite celebrities, especially when it's gossip and drama that happened years ago but is just now coming to light. Hell, even just this morning I heard about something juicy between Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian, about one calling the other out for a three-year-old lie. I didn't actually read it though because I just don't give a fuck about anything Kardashian.

For those who didn't know, two of the world's greatest artists hated each other, and it was all over a girl (duh). George Harrison and Eric Clapton were not fans of each other, and the biggest reasoning for that is one Pattie Boyd. Pattie was George's wife, yet Clapton was in love with her and was determined to win her over, even going so far as to write a little ditty about her called "Layla." I'm sure you've heard of it.

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Well, Boyd revealed to Rolling Stones Magazine that one night, Eric Clapton showed up hammered to the Harrison estate and looking for trouble. He challenged the Beatles guitarist to a rock-off of sorts with dueling guitars. "George handed him a guitar and an amp -- as an 18th-century gentleman might have handed his rival a sword -- and for two hours, without a word, they dueled," Boyd remembered.

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"At the end, nothing was said but the general feeling was that Eric had won. He hadn't allowed himself to get riled or go in for instrumental gymnastics as George had. Even when he was drunk, his guitar-playing was unbeatable."


At the end, nothing was said but the general feeling was that Eric had won.


The fact that two rock legends not only hated each other (only after Clapton confessed his love to Boyd), but even dueled about it, makes me wonder how many other secret celebrity-on-celebrity duels there have been in the world.

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