Eggo Releases First-Ever Vegan Waffle in Collaboration with MorningStar Farms

Photo: | MorningStar Farms


Included with the debut of two new plant-based products from the popular frozen food brand MorningStar Farms, Eggo’s has released its first-ever vegan waffle.

Dubbed the “Incogmeato” line, MorningStar Farms is looking to expand its vegan-friendly options with their new Plant-Based Hot & Spicy Crispy Chik’n Filet and Chik’n & Eggo Liège Style Waffle Sandwich. Of the two, the waffle sandwich definitely has us waiting in mouthwatering anticipation.  

According to, the Incogmeato Plant-Based Chik’n & Eggo Liège Style Waffle Sandwich boasts not only a mouthful of a name, but also a hearty 21g of protein. And did we mention it features Eggo’s first-ever vegan waffle?


Time will tell whether this means Eggo plans to release vegan waffles exclusively in the near future, but until then, you can expect MorningStar Farms’ new plant-based options to hit retailers throughout the rest of the year.

Definite locations you can expect to find them at are Walmart, Target, Ralphs and more. For locations near you, visit