Watch This Guy Purposely Drink Cyanide In The Name Of Science

Mad scientist is a term that is used loosely, but fits fairly well for Cody Reeder, who thought it was a good idea to drink cyanide in a YouTube video.

If you're not familiar with sodium cyanide, with a large enough dose, it can poison you, and was actually used as such in World War 2. Not exactly something you want to drink, but Reeder did just that, in the name of science.

His video description said, "Will I die if I drink a small amount of deadly sodium cyanide? Watch and find out!" Considering he wrote that sentence and uploaded the video, one can assume he didn't die before watching it, but why?


Apparently you need to drink about 300 milligrams of cyanide for it to be deadly, and Reeder only drank about five. He basically wanted to freak everyone out, knowing that the dose probably wasn't enough to kill him.

Still, the amount he consumed led him to feel some tremors and rapid breathing, so it did affect him in some way.

Thankfully the dose wasn't lethal, but it was still cringeworthy to watch.