Disney Is Now Selling Three Flavors Of Star Wars Ice Cream You Can Buy Online

With the big Star Wars movie premiere happening this week, a lot of dope saga-related items are appearing at Disney spots across the country. The Brooklyn-based Disney World Boardwalk, for example, is now serving up a trio of Star Wars ice cream flavors.

Produced and sold by local Ample Hill Creamery, who has a location on the Boardwalk, each of the three flavors are based off of major themes of the latest film, The Last Jedi. They are as follows:


The First Order: Salted dark chocolate ice cream, cocoa powder, bittersweet chocolate, espresso.

The Resistance: Brown sugar and vanilla bean ice cream, red velvet butter cake, toffee, mini marshmallows.

The Force: Sweet cream ice cream, rich chocolate fudge, white and dark chocolate pearls.


It's not just at the Boardwalk where you can find this ice cream, however. Select retailers in the northeast US, including Whole Foods, have the pints available in stores. Additionally, Ample Hill Creamery is offering nationwide shipping on the pints, the caveat being that you have to purchase all three at once. The total price before shipping is $30, and the ice creams come in a specially designed box alongside a punch-out X-wing fighter.

If you're not in New York, then your best bet is to head to Ample Hill's website if you want to pick up the ice cream. There's still time to get it ahead of The Last Jedi's premiere on the 15th, as the next ship date is December 13th and orders should arrive within 1-2 days from that point.

Even if you miss out on that, though, the flavors appear to be available at least through mid-January, so you've got plenty of time to pick them up.