DIGIORNO Now Has A Thanksgiving Pizza



The most dramatic family holiday is approaching aka Thanksgiving! While the Thanksgiving host is often cooking that turkey for hours, we don't ever talk about who actually even eats the turkey?

Well, here is something older generations will blame millennials for canceling, but the truth is 42 percent of millennials have hosted Thanksgiving without the turkey and 68 percent of Americans secretly dislike classic Thanksgiving food, but are eating it because of tradition. *Gasp.*

Now, DIGIORNO has entered the chat. The frozen pizza brand is giving fans a new way to gobble this Thanksgiving with a pizza featuring all of the holiday's iconic eats.


The limited run Thanksgiving Pizza features classic turkey, creamy gravy sauce, diced sweet potatoes, colorful green beans and cranberries, rich mozzarella and cheddar cheeses, plus a crispy onion topping — all loaded on top of a thick and chewy Detroit-style crust.

"From Friendsgiving parties to Turkey Day tables, we're thrilled to provide a bold new way to appreciate the traditional Thanksgiving spread," said Kimberly Holowiak, Senior Brand Manager for DIGIORNO. “Our passion is pizza, and we are always looking for unique ways to infuse the fresh-baked taste of DIGIORNO into moments of celebration — even the most traditional holiday dinners."

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, November 15 and Wednesday, November 22, as DIGIORNO will release a limited number of Thanksgiving Pizzas exclusively online for $11.23. Pizza lovers can visit to get their very own specialty pie on a first come, first served basis, while supplies last.