Watch These Food Delivery Guys Freak Out Over Topless Girls At The Door

Delivery drivers never know what's going to happen when the customer opens that door. For all they know, there can be a smiling face, or an angry, shit-faced asshole with a knife on the other side.

While this prank on "Break" was a bit shocking for the delivery drivers, it wasn't harmful. Well, unless they got traumatized by the site of a female's body au naturel.


As multiple food delivery guys arrived at this house — which apparently happens to be occupied by three bombshell women who walk around in lingerie — they were greeted by bare breasts every time.

Whenever one of the girls opened the door, at some point in the interaction, they dropped their tops and showed off their assets, while the deliver drivers just watched in awe.

If only all deliveries were this cheerful, and not filled with fear for one's life.