Deep Fried Mashed Potato Cubes, Because This is America

Deep Fried Mashed Potatoes sounds like a dish you'd pick up at your county fair, but no -- this was made in the home of the same food blogger who made Cinnaburgers, the Tacone and even conjured up the Chicken and Waffle Wings.

These deep fried cubes of mashed potatoes are made in proper college boy fashion, by whipping up mashed potatoes and filling an ice cube tray with them. Following a multiple hour freezing session, the cubes are battered with an egg, milk and flour mixture and thrown into the deep fryer.


Once the cubes are fried up, I would bet a tooth pick and a cup of gravy would be a rather delicious dipping option. Or even getting a skewer and making a mashed potato shish kabob, drizzled in gravy.

What's up Thanksgiving hors d'ouvres?