New Kimchi Salsas Combine Everything We Love About Both

Jongga is recognized as a top name in the kimchi world both in Korea and globally. The company behind the brand, Daesang, is launching a new business here in the United States that features spins on the Korean staple, including a trio of jarred kimchi salsas.

Photo courtesy of Daesang

Each of the salsas feature a kimchi base, but then includes other key ingredients you would find in salsa, like tomato, garlic, and jalapenos. Sold under the O'Food brand, gochujang, tomato & garlic, and green pepper & onion varieties are now available as well.


The kimchi salsas can draw on the popularity of fusion food in the United States to become more popular, especially with the trend's birth in Korean-Mexican tacos (shoutout to the man Roy Choi). With fermented foods also on the rise as gut health gets more public attention, this fermented salsa should also be a hit because of that, too.

You can find Daesang's new kimchi salsas being sold at Kroger stores nationwide, as well as on Amazon. They'll be spreading to other supermarkets around the country in the near future.