Behold The Ultimate Big Game Appetizer: Cream Cheese & Pulled Pork Stuffed Onion Rings

Every year in February, something special happens in the United States of America. Citizens young and old gather together around a television set, exercise their “outside voices,” and offer each other snacks that have been enjoyed by the masses on this day for DECADES.

It’s time for the Big Game.

And among those classic, tried and true delights we all feast upon — the chips and dips, the chicken wings, the pretzel bites — the Onion Ring stands out among the rest.


Now, I never did meet an onion ring I didn’t like, but y’all — why hasn’t anyone thought of stuffing them with CREAM CHEESE & PULLED PORK to make the PERFECT game day appetizer? You’ve got rich, cream cheese: delicious. You’ve got pulled pork: also delicious (plus you’ve GOT to be getting your BBQ on, considering the location of this year’s Big Game). And then you unite these delightful, delectable items with a sweet cooked onion and a crispy breading: bing. Bang. BOOM. Game on. Touchdown.

Yes, these are Cream Cheese & Pulled Pork Stuffed Onion Rings! The idea came from a playful conversation among friends about all the glorious, edible creations one could enhance using cream cheese (did you know more than 60 million pounds are sold during Big Game season?! 1). Of course, Philly—aka Philadelphia Cream Cheese aka America’s favorite—is essential for the football occasion, with its fresh milk, real cream and no artificial preservatives, flavors, or dyes.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, the ultimate food combination was uttered.

“Cream Cheese. Pulled pork. Onion rings.”


Watch the recipe video above to discover how to make them for yourself and impress all your Big Game party-goers.


Created in partnership with Philadelphia Cream Cheese