Coors Light Creates The First-Ever Self-Cooling Jersey

Photo: Coors Light

East Coasters are experiencing a heat wave this week as summer kicks off. Just in time for the sweltering weather, Coors Light has unveiled a groundbreaking jersey designed to literally lower your body temperature.


Introducing the Chill Jersey, the first-ever smart jersey designed to keep you cool this summer, whether you're watching the upcoming soccer matches or just chilling at home.

As the official beer of the Leagues Cup tournament, Coors Light's jersey, a first of its kind, features built-in thermal sensors that detect when your body temperature rises, activating a cooling system to keep you comfortable. It also includes a Captain's Beer Band, ensuring your crisp Coors Light is always within arm's reach. Where was this jersey for Father's Day?

Soccer fans (or fans looking to stay cool) can snag a Chill Jersey for $50 at With only 90 jerseys available, limited quantities will be released daily. The first drop runs from June 17-21 at 12pm ET, with 18 jerseys on June 17, 14 on June 18, 10 on June 19, and eight each on June 20 and 21. The second drop is from July 16-19 at 12pm ET, offering eight jerseys per day while supplies last.

Looks like you better act fast because these jersey's won't be easy to get.