Chocolate Tequila Sauce Will Get You Dessert Drunk

Chocolate Tequila Sauce

Thanks to the genius minds over at Dude, Sweet Chocolate, it's now possible to get tipsy off chocolate sauce. Ohh baby.

One Night Stand Potion is a sweet mixture of 100 Anos Reposado tequilla, Valrohna cocoa powder, South American chocolate and agave. It's like a dangerously delicious take on Mexican coffee that serves as a boozy ice cream or fruit topping. But perhaps the best use of One Night Stand Potion is in a chocolatey martini, using a 3 to 1 alcohol to syrup ratio.


Of course, you can always just drink this stuff straight and bask in the sugary tequila buzz.

One Night Stand Potion, $8-$30 @Dude, Sweet Chocolate